Ask the Expert – Wedding Day Makeup

Toronto-based makeup and hair artist, Rachel Renna, helps brides with their makeup for the big day, both in Canada and in the destination. Aside from working with a host of celebrity clients, the Beauty Director for FACE Atelier at Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay, one of a kind long-wearing cosmetics designed only for brides that photograph flawlessly and elegantly. We sat down with Clayton from Clayton Jane Photography and talked everything photography, bridal beauty and style, get ideas on destination wedding bridal look!

What suggestions do you have for brides who are not sure what type of makeup look they want?

RR: There is no wrong answer. Consider what look makes you most confident, which of your features you like the most, and try not to be in your comfort zone. Your big day is not the day to do something adventurous. Find pictures of bridal look you love and don’t be afraid to experiment on your own before doing your bridal trial with your makeup artist, which will allow you to articulate your preferences and think about your bridal look and style.

Are there any beauty trends for 2017 you think that will work perfectly for you and destination wedding celebration? Are there things that bride should leave at home?

RR: I feel that a lot of bridal trends that work well for weddings at home may not be fit for destination brides. One to leave at home would be super lengthy false lashes because they can create unflattering shadows on your face in sharp rustic lighting. Also, strobing is ideal for body glow but incorporating too much radiance on your face can just make you look a sweaty mess. However, the one makeup trend you should have with you is matte lipstick.

Should brides purchase some of their cosmetics for their makeup artist to use in a destination?

RR: It’s a good idea to have your favorite cosmetic items packed. This will help the artist in knowing the formulas and color palettes you’re most comfortable with. And it’s always best to be more safe and prepared, and they can come in handy in the evening as your bridal touch-up kit…

If brides want to bring a trusted makeup artist to their destination wedding what’s the best way to ask? Do they usually do this?

RR: Yes, Of course! Typically, you should talk to your make up artist a year in advance of your wedding date to ask them to book the time off in their bridal calendar and request a contract that has all their rates in services (check additional expenses like booking the artist’s plane ticket and accommodations). Though it’s not that cost efficient option, you’ll get to do a bridal makeup trial and talk to your artist to plan your look before your big day.

Is there any suggestion in making sure your face is a perfect canvas before the wedding day?

RR: Usually you are in the country for at least two days before the wedding ceremony, giving you enough chance to get some sun – or a sun burn if you are not careful! Make sure you stay diligent with reapplying sunscreen and keeping your face, chest, and shoulders protected from sun burn. Also, try to eliminate alcohol intake and stay hydrated, so your skin looks great in your wedding pictures. Check out Charlottes tips for the best make up.

The Way to Make your Wedding more Intimate

Whether you planned to party with a bunch or that guest listing appeared to multiply immediately, there are so many wonderful reasons to have a large wedding. There are few times when you get to get every one of the folks that you love in 1 location, so why don’t you get the most out of it? And a crowd may cause a killer dance celebration! But naturally, what you can occasionally lose is a sense of closeness, especially when the guest count begins to creep beyond 200 people. So, how can you devote your big day your private, warm, and inviting vibe, even if there are more guests than you had in your high school class? We’ve got a couple of expert tips that will assist you make a significant wedding feel romantic.

Significant guest lists imply large spaces, which could occasionally feel overly fussy and sterile rather than comfy and private, so it is going to take a couple feats of style (and cautious preparation) to make your visitors feel welcome instead of just a portion of the audience.


Everything begins with your own venue. While enormous ballrooms and operate spaces may be your first option, rather search for a room with much more character. Time your day to maneuver guests throughout the place, providing them a tour in the service on the yard to cocktails on the terrace to dinner indoors. Transferring guests through multiple distances (versus getting everything all in exactly the exact same area) lets you work with spaces which may be on the smaller dimensions, making a cozier feel to check out some of the UK’s best venues, please view


Stuck with a major space? Utilize lighting and furniture to split this up. Soft floral colors are a great deal more inviting than filthy trendy colours, and candlelight adds a layer of love wherever you are hosting. Use vignettes of couch furniture to encourage your visitors to settle in

(particularly round the dance floor!)) , and consider group tables to make the sensation of numerous smaller reception spaces rather than a huge one. Think about skipping the heaps of round tables in favor of fewer long ones, which will foster more of a family-style atmosphere.

The experience that your guests have will also help make them feel cared for rather than just like a herd of sheep. Elect for interactive food and beverage components, like a bourbon tasting channel or a drifting oyster shucker. It functions as a talking point and also encourages your visitors to gather in smaller classes. When it is time for dinner, up the amount of servers to offer an additional amount of care, making certain wine glasses are not left vacant and it does not take too long for meals to be emptied or removed. Nothing highlights how large a group is similar to creating your guests wait! for some ideas on what food to bring to the table check out this guide right now.


For the primary event (the service!) , rows and rows of seats can make the guests at the rear feel miles away. In case you’ve got the flexibility to accomplish this, install chairs at the round, with guests on all areas of the altar. This will retain the previous row from feeling too much, also it is going to literally surround you with all the people that you love be sure to make sure the professional photographer takes the right shot at the right moment here, well said by Warren over at Howell Photography.


With all these folks in attendance, it may not be possible to greet everybody throughout the reception. Think about making a weekend of it with a welcome celebration, actions, and brunch to provide yourselves additional hours to make the rounds. You might not have gotten to dance along with your Aunt Mabel in the reception, but you will both remember that the time you spent together sipping Bloody Marys the following moment!