25 Ways to Impress Your Guests

Show them an excellent time together with these brilliant reception suggestions for meals, beverages and just plain pleasure.If you would like your visitors to rave on your wedding — and what bride does not? — The choices are virtually infinite. Get inspired by these creative tips.

1. Create the cocktail hour lively by assembling a wine, champagne or spirits tasting. A drink pro or a sommelier can provide guests a sampling of libations and a small lesson on tastes.

2. Hire dance teachers to teach guests how to swing, merengue, boot-scoot or polka. There is no better way to get everyone on the dance floor!

3. Have a favorite celebrity? Employ an impersonator to liven up the cocktail hour by doing, mingling with guests and posing for photographs together, indicates Sherri Williams, of Williams-Sossen Occasions, in New York City and Philadelphia.

4. Let your wedding season inspire you. In the autumn, have guests bob for apples. During winter, they could paint holiday decorations to take home. For spring, make a maypole with colorful streamers. In the summertime, they could help themselves to an ice-cream sundae bar.

5. While guests are enjoying their meal, have some entertainment. It’s possible to arrange to get a dance performance that reflects your legacy — Irish measure, salsa or belly dancers, for instance.

6. As a substitute for a traditional guest book, request everyone to sign the matte round a photograph of the both of you. Or they can write to a surfboard, baseballs, white cowboy boots — anything suits you and your apparel.

7. Hire a magician to delight the audience, a tarot card reader to perform readings or a palm reader to tell fortunes. “Guests will discuss the experience afterward,” says Maxine Andrew, of Rather Than You Occasions, at San Francisco.

8. Maintain your youngest guests were smiling too, recommends Amy Nichols, of Amy Nichols Special Occasions, at San Francisco. In a different place, possess a puppeteer play — or organize to reveal a kids’ picture. Employ a responsible teen to keep watch.

9. Contain local delicacies on your wedding menu, such as yummy crabs if you are in Maryland or hot chicken wings in Buffalo, New York, says, Nichols.

10. Hire a cigar roller into hand-roll a custom mix of tobacco only for your visitors. (Great for outdoor weddings — and the men will love the manly touch)

11. Following the cake-cutting, have waiters serve the pieces to an energizing song, example is “Cut the Cake,” by Average White Band, or “Sugar Sugar,” by the Archies — that is guaranteed to keep the disposition celebratory, states Steve Kemble, of Steve Kemble Event Design, at Dallas.

12. Provide a specialization after-dinner coffee pub, complete with baristas concocting java and other espresso beverages. Delicious toppings, such as chocolate shavings and cinnamon, add to the pleasure.

13. “Possessing a local artist available to make a painting of the service or reception area as the event evolves,” states Randie Pellegrini, of Cordially Invited, in Los Angeles. You’ll have a masterpiece it is possible to hang in your newlywed house.

14. Hire a caricaturist to leave on-the-spot drawings of guests (which they could take home, naturally), indicates Geneene Thornton, of Celebrations Event Planning, at San Diego, or possess a face painter readily available to make up children and grownups alike.

15. For a classic carnival vibe, then serve nostalgic candies via an ice-cream or cotton-candy cart.

16. Have a picture of yourself along with your dress dismissed and made into a jigsaw puzzle, indicates Williams. Display the bits onto a table and let guests build a work of art, piece by piece, by the conclusion of the day’s festivities.

17. Rent a photo booth so that guest can create funny faces for the camera — photographs are the ultimately personalized preferences. Guests will be delighted in taking them home to their scrapbooks.

Photo Credit:Simon Withyman Photography on Bridal Musings

18. Love dress-up? Have a server put a trunk full of costumes and silly props on the dancing floor. Guests can try on hats, boas and oversized sunglasses, and “drama” artificial guitars.

19. Create a cozy corner for dialogue by assembling a couple of couches, chairs and coffee tables in a different place, away from the dance floor. Improve the mood with dim light, soft cushions, and light jazz — either from live musicians or even a recording.

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20. Surprise the audience with a Unique pick-me-up. While guests are dancing, have waiters fan out throughout the dance floor with trays of lemonade, miniature ice-cream cones or Popsicles.

21. Appeal to the inner child in everyone by assembling a pub with candies, cookies or other miniature treats. Display the sweets in jars or bowls with scoops. Provide adorable totes, and monogrammed decals to seal them up. Presto! Every guest has a candy take-home present.

22. Burn CDs of those songs you are going to be playing in your wedding. Request the parking valets to set the disks in guests’ car stereos, and also to depart a notice from the both of you around the front seat. On the road home, guests can replay all of the amazing musical memories of this day.

23. Finish the reception with a bang: Setup glorious outdoor fireworks show — and also have them in your wedding colors, naturally. “Nothing could be more incredible,” enthuses Kemble.

24. Throw an after-party in a nearby club or someone’s house. Ask the DJ to announce it at the end of your reception, or just spread the word via a couple of friends. Provide munchies and drinks, and be certain that everyone has a safe ride home.

25. Set up a casino-themed after-party, finish with gambling tables and card retailers, says Williams. On the lookout for additional after-party themes? Pellegrini proposes setting up a disco, blues piano or club bar to keep things hopping. With fab ideas such as these, your celebration will be unforgettable.