Flower girls and page boys

Flower girls and page boys (ring bearers) include a part of innocent, childlike charm and warmth into any wedding service. But cute as they might be, there does indeed pose particular dangers. We weight the responsibilities, pros and cons of adding your favourite kidlets on your wedding ceremony.

Possible duties of this flower girl
· To attend pre-wedding day service rehearsals

· To walk ahead of the bride and toss petals down the aisle to signify that the brides new selected path in life

· To walk down the aisle with all a page boy

· Hold a basket of rose petals or confetti for additional guests to throw in the newlyweds as they leave

· To trace bridesmaids the aisle up and leave with the bridesmaids

· Be current in most wedding photographs

· Maybe stand up together with all the bridesmaids during the Period of the service

Possible responsibilities of this page boy/ring bearer
· To attend pre-wedding day service rehearsals

· To walk down the aisle together with all the flower girl

· Give the wedding rings down the aisle to the groom

· Hold a basket of rose petals for additional guests to throw in the newlyweds as they leave

· Be current in all wedding photographs

· Maybe stand up together with the groomsmen throughout the span (or a part thereof) of this service

Experts of Including Kiddies
· They look great in photographs check out Rick Dell Photography for some ideas

· Effect of rounding off the wedding celebration

· They supply some levity through an otherwise stressful day

· They will love being treated specially

· Their parents will appreciate your including them

· You’ll always have a special place in their hearts

· When they make it through to the reception, then they will split the dance-floor like Nobody else

· A group of children can easily be allocated to a Child’s table

· Your tantrums will not seem nearly as poor compared to theirs

Disadvantages of Including Them
· They can be moody and volatile

· Someone Will Need to end up babysitting them

· They could throw a tantrum and influence the service (based on their age)

· They could cause disturbance/ humiliation (e.g. screaming, talking out of turn, etc)

· They are prone to inducing mess

· They Might Need to be taken home, depending upon the lateness of the reception

Recommendations to Control Your Small Ones
· Make sure that the kids you select for these functions are confident in doing before a massive audience. Pre-wedding rehearsals often assist in ironing out some nerves but shouldn’t be relied upon as a foolproof plan. Kids will be kids, and there is a chance things will fail daily.

· Verify the child is there in the pre-wedding rehearsal so that they can practice.

· Make sure that they’ve had a rest before the ceremony or a decent nights sleep ahead.

· Under no circumstances should you give the kids sugar before the ceremony!!

· If children refuse to do what they’re told it’s frequently useful to resort to bribery. It is amazing what kids will do to get a lollipop. Just be certain that they receive their treat after rather than before the service.

· Be certain that the kids are dressed in comfortable and appropriate clothes.

· Pick out the wedding photographs before the ceremony when possible as the youngster will not be as tired.

· Do not forget that children will frequently find it tough to stand through a whole ceremony so it could be a very good idea to allow them to sit down with their parents following their first duties is performed.

· If you’re not confident with allowing the web page boy take the actual rings, permit the page boy to make replicas and the real rings to your very best man. Alternatively, you may sew the rings into the ring posture pillow using one ribbon.

Whilst every child’s behaviour and participation to the real wedding will fluctuate as enormously as the kids themselves, including them, will invite relaxed, sociable, and all-around excellent vibes. People that are unprepared for including children entails, though, will have a little, loud and sloppy stirring. Consider all these variables carefully before making a decision which can affect your big day in any event!

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